Lones Stone - Decorative Landscape Stone

Decorative Landscape Stone

Decorative stone and landscaping rocks can be used in almost any area of your yard as an attractive and functional ground cover.

You can browse the products we have avaialble in this category below. If you are looking for something we don't show please feel free to contact us!

Decorative Landscape Stone Available From The Stoneyard Co., Formerly Lones Stone & Landscape Supply

Top Rock 2 Mans

Lones Stone - Top Rock 2 Mans

Top Rock 1 Mans

Lones Stone - Top Rock 1 Mans

Top Rock Landscape

Lones Stone - Top Rock Landscape

River Flats

Lones Stone - River Flats

Aspen Pebbles

Lones Stone - Aspen Pebbles

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Lones Stone - Mexican Beach Pebbles

Mexican Rainbow Cobbles

Lones Stone - Mexican Rainbow Cobbles

Large Kewanee

Lones Stone - Large Kewanee

Medium Kewanee

Lones Stone - Medium Kewanee

Small Kewanee

Lones Stone - Small Kewanee

Western Sunset

Lones Stone - Western Sunset