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Core Landscape Products

The Stoneyard Co. offers CORE Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective, Aesthetic landscaping products.

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Core Landscape Products Available From The Stoneyard Co., Formerly Lones Stone & Landscape Supply

Core Path

Lones Stone - Core Path

High edging and a support structure that keeps your edging in place. Just lay, pin and add your CORE foundation alongside to create a clean finished look to any area.

Core Driveway Grid

Lones Stone - Core Driveway Grid

Transform your outdoor space with the CORE Drive Handy Pack. With effortless installation, you can transform your driveway, parking pad, or patios into an eco-friendly haven that combines stability and sustainability. These grids are designed to provide superior performance and come packed with a multitude of impressive features.

Core Glow Driveway Edging

Lones Stone - Core Glow Driveway Edging

Get clean and professional looking edging for your CORE drive, path or parking areas.

Core Pathway Grid

Lones Stone - Core Pathway Grid

Elevate your pathways and patios with CORE Path. Experience a new level of convenience and sustainability as you create stable and eco-friendly outdoor spaces with ease. This advanced grid system is designed to excel in both function and performance.