Lones Stone - Lights


Landscape lights allow you to continue to enjoy the beauty of your yard even when it's dark out. And it can even make your landscape more dramatic, with well-placed outdoor spotlights and washes casting intriguing shadows and highlighting the best plants, water features with underwater lights and other aspects.

You can browse the products we have avaialble in this category below. If you are looking for something we don't show please feel free to contact us!

Lights Available From The Stoneyard Co., Formerly Lones Stone & Landscape Supply


Lones Stone - Medium

Cut Sandstone

Lones Stone - Cut Sandstone

Indiana Limestone

Lones Stone - Indiana Limestone

Small Ashlar Light

Lones Stone - Small Ashlar Light

Large Top Rock Light

Lones Stone - Large Top Rock Light

Small Top Rock Light

Lones Stone - Small Top Rock Light