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A pond fountain improves the quality of water by de-stratifying the water column as it pulls water into the pump. In addition, the droplets that splash back into the pond contain oxygen, and oxygen-rich water supports the bacteria that biodegrade pond sludge.

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Fountains Available From The Stoneyard Co., Formerly Lones Stone & Landscape Supply

AquaRock Fountain Kit

Lones Stone - AquaRock Fountain Kit

Sandstone Decorative Fountain Kit

Lones Stone - Sandstone Decorative Fountain Kit

What Is This?

Lones Stone - What Is This?

Small AquaBasin

Lones Stone - Small AquaBasin

Bamboo Fountain

Lones Stone - Bamboo Fountain

Aquascape Fountains

Lones Stone - Aquascape Fountains

Swirly Vase Fountain Kit

Lones Stone - Swirly Vase Fountain Kit


Lones Stone - FastFalls

Fountain Basin Plumbing Kit

Lones Stone - Fountain Basin Plumbing Kit