Lones Stone - Natural Stone Benches

Natural Stone Benches

A bench is a welcomed feature in a garden. It provides a comfortable place for resting and admiring the surroundings plus there are many others ways in which it can be useful. Garden benches are more than just furniture.

You can browse the products we have avaialble in this category below. If you are looking for something we don't show please feel free to contact us!

Natural Stone Benches Available From The Stoneyard Co., Formerly Lones Stone & Landscape Supply

4' Buff Sandstone Bench

Lones Stone - 4' Buff Sandstone Bench

4' Burgandy Sandstone Bench

Lones Stone - 4' Burgandy Sandstone Bench

4' Copper Varigated Bench

Lones Stone - 4' Copper Varigated Bench

4' Sunset Blush Bench

Lones Stone - 4' Sunset Blush Bench

4' Wild Indiana Bench

Lones Stone - 4' Wild Indiana Bench

Charcoal Granite Bench

Lones Stone - Charcoal Granite Bench

Granite Bench

Lones Stone - Granite Bench

Jade Bench

Lones Stone - Jade Bench

Sandstone Benches

Lones Stone - Sandstone Benches

Small Sandstone Bench

Lones Stone - Small Sandstone Bench